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About The Center for Healthy Living

The Center for Healthy Living is our Family Medical Center located in Moraga California  serving the surrounding communities of Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Dr. Simi provides optimal Healthcare and Cosmetic Medicine services for those who want to experience the benefits of greater healthy living.

Your Health and Beauty Needs

If you are looking to maintain health, build toward optimal health and wellness, or for those of you who want to look great and feel your very best from the inside out and also from the outside in, we have a small but intimate home doctor type setting which is unique and inviting for our patients and their loved ones.
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find a doctorOur Mission

At The Center for Healthy Living Moraga our mission is to create an open, compassionate atmosphere for our patients providing you with the best quality medical care, beauty care, and education available for feeling and looking your very best. We provide all our beauty and medical care in a professional manner that is geared toward each individual, their wants, their needs, and their unique concerns and goals.
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Our Patients

We treat our patients with the same thoughtful care and respect we give our own family members.  Our empathy and physician bedside manner clearly demonstrates our concern for your overall well being, health, and dignity. We will not cease in our efforts to serve you in your health and beauty care needs.


Our Visionphysician

The Center For Healthy Living’s goal is to provide the most up-to-date optimal treatment for excellent health, beauty, and wellness. We bring education and open discussion to you in order for you to make the best informed decisions regarding your goals for greater healthy living.


Our Family Medicine Treatment Philosophy

We do not just treat merely until you feel better, we aim to treat you to wellness. Wellness is being the best you can be in mind, spirit and body. To accomplish this we believe in treating the whole person from the inside out and from the outside in.


We believe that health and wellness is a combination of factors medically, physiologically, psychologically, and aesthetically, that make up the whole picture that we call health. Personal situations, external influences, how we feel about ourselves, our appearance, and esteem all play a part in this dance. Let us help you achieve balance in health mind and body,  and achieve the well being, appearance, and health you are after.
This is why we practice wellness from both the inside out and from the outside in. All these aspects contribute to our overall experience of  health and wellness.
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The Center For Healthy Living came to life after Dr. Simi had worked in a managed-care type setting and then as a result wanted to have a private practice to be able to take care of her patients without worrying about the “numbers” or the “bottom line.” She wanted to be able to spend the time necessary to listen, educate and determine the proper treatment plan with the patient that fit their lifestyle.

In essence she wanted to provide the kind of medicine and support she herself would expect – to treat her patients as she herself wished to be treated. To do this required a private practice of her own, and a focus on patients and their health as the primary goal.

A Unique and Refreshing Perspective

Dr. Simi began her private practice in Alameda CA where she practiced board certified family medicine for more than 12 years until facing her own fight and personal challenges with  the autoimmune disease Behcets. Having both professional experience and personal experience with autoimmune disease first hand gives Dr. Simi a unique and refreshing perspective on medicine, diagnosis, treatment, and what is required to really serve and understand her patients needs.

After some time off to address her own health issues and get them under control, Dr. Simi moved her practice to it’s new home in Moraga Ca where she opened The Center for Healthy Living Moraga, and where she continues to practice family medicine, aesthetic medicine,  and care for patients with autoimmune diseases.

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