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    Whether it is nutrition for weight loss, food intolerance issues, or  food allergy symptoms The Center for Healthy Living Moraga CA provides the services you need to get to the bottom of your nutritional issues and enjoy greater healthy living. Dr. Simi’s background and her own battles with food intolerance issues and autoimmune disease gives her unique perspective both professionally and from a patients viewpoint on diagnosis, treatment, and care for people suffering with nutritional issues.

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    What is an allergic reaction to food?

    Nutritional HealthA Food Allergy happens when a person ingests a particular food substance and the bodies immune system sees and reacts to the harmless food substance as if it were a threat. When this happens the body reacts accordingly and engages it’s built in natural defenses creating specific chemicals to combat the perceived threat.

    These chemicals, along with where they are released in the body determine the the various symptoms of food allergy that may be experienced. Reactions and symptoms may range from mild to severe, and in the worst case scenario even life threatening.


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    Symptoms of a Food Allergy

    Food Allergy Symptoms take place in most instances within a few minutes or up to several hours after exposure to the allergen. Common food allergies may produce some or all of the following symptoms:

    • Itching and or Swelling in the mouth
    • Hives or Skin Rash
    • Gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps or pain
    • Tightening of the throat, trouble swallowing, and or trouble breathing
    • A Drop in blood pressure

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     What is Food Intolerance?

    Food AllergyFood Intolerance is much more common than Food Allergies and ends up affecting millions upon millions of people worldwide. The key difference in a food intolerance versus a food allergy is that the immune system is not triggered to see the food source as a foreign threat. There is consequently no antibody response involved with a food intolerance the way there is with a true food allergy.

    Food intolerance is a hypersensitivity to food based upon the bodies inability to absorb or properly digest food materials. Unlike a food allergy where only a small amount of food may trigger a reaction, with food intolerance, some people can tolerate a reasonable amount of the offending substance before a reaction occurs. This is common and people may be able to consume small amounts of an offending food substance with impunity, but if they overdue it symptoms (sometimes severe) are sure to follow.

    With a food intolerance, the onset of symptoms is commonly slower than with a food allergy. The food sensitivity reactions may be delayed by many hours after eating,  and once the symptoms occur they may persist for several hours, into the next day, and sometimes even longer.

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Common Food Intolerance Symptoms:

  • Fatigue and Joint Pains
  • Migraines, Headache
  • Dark Circles under eyes, Night Sweats, Poor Sleep
  • Vomiting, Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Diarrhea, Bloating, Cramps and Pain
  • Skin Problems such as Rashes, Eczema, Irritation, Redness
  • Other Chronic Conditions


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Is it a Food Allergy or Food Intolerance?

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Is  Food your Friend or Foe?

Food, our greatest friend can also be our greatest enemy as we have seen depending on the body’s reactions and our unique individual chemistry. If food has become your enemy for any of the following reasons, whether it be weight management issues, food allergy, or food intolerance issues, or if you have specific nutritional requirements due to other health issues, The Center for Healthy Living Moraga is here to help you.

Our goals are to listen, thoroughly address your issues, questions, and concerns, and to prescribe integrated medicine, education, and solutions that meet your requirements for better healthy living. 

We don’t just aim to treat your troubles, we aim to treat you to wellness. Call our office today and schedule a consult today for weight management, food allergy testing, food intolerance consultation, or to address whatever nutritional medical needs you may have.

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