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Family Medicine

  • Family Medicine: Treating you, your individual health needs, addressing your concerns, fears, desires, and wellness goals.
  • Advocating for you in today’s complex health care system.
  • Family Practice Medicine is Integrated personal care, and the commitment to serve you and help you build, achieve, and maintain Better Healthy Living.


Finding the Right Physician

find a woman's health doctorIf you are looking to find a doctor here in Contra Costa County that practices Family Doctoring with a passion for that good old home doctor feel then The Center For Healthy Living Moraga California is the place for you.

Weather it is a home bedside visit, or a family physician who will really listen to and address your concerns about your health and wellness needs, The Center for Healthy Living Moraga has the care and attention you are looking for.

Family Practice at our medical center is practiced by treating the whole person and their health needs (you, your individual health needs, concerns, fears, desires, goals, and questions).

The foundation for this is built upon a strong and enduring Family Doctor Patient Relationship that focuses on integrated personal care, and the commitment to serve you and help you build, achieve, and maintain better healthy living.

We aim to treat to wellness. Wellness is being the best you can be: in mind, spirit, and body.

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What is a Family Practice Physician?

Family Practice Doctors are known by several different names. These include but are not limited to: family doctor, general practitioner, family physician, family Family Medicine Physicianpractitioner, personal doctor, primary care physician.

Dr. Michelle Branchaud Simi

Dr. Simi is a family practice physician, which means she provides continuing and comprehensive familyhealth care for individuals and their families here in Contra Costa County and nearby Alameda County.

Family practitioners are generally a patients first contact with the health care system. They are trained to provide care for a patients overall well being including their mental and physical health, and also to advocate for them in today’s often complex health care system.

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What Family Practitioners do

Family practitioners are trained and familiar with all diseases affecting the body and conditions impacting patients health and often are responsible for managing and treating chronic health problems associated with aging, diabetes, immune diseases, hypertension, etc.

Family health care providers also help to coordinate a patients care and make referrals to other medical specialists as needed to care for their patients overall health and wellness.

Family Physicians build lasting and often life long relationships with their patients. This intimate doctor patient relationship is instrumental in providing for the care of their patients in the context of family relationships, community, disease prevention, medical care, disease management, and overall health promotion.

Your families Physician is your friend

Your family doctor is most often seen as your trusted friend, your team partner, and advocate for the cultivation, maintenance, and treatment of your overall health and wellness.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Dr. Simi, call today for an appointment and begin building a relationship for greater healthy living today.

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