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What is Women’s Health?

women's health

Women’s healthwhat it is,  how it has changed,  and how it continues to evolve over time, might not be as simple to answer as you’d  think.

Women’s health generally refers to health issues, treatment, prevention, and care specific to female anatomy. This would include specifically female genitalia, reproductive health, child birth, breast health, and conditions and concerns related to hormones, menopause, menses, and contraception.

But there is far more to the story than just this…

Are Men and Women Really that Different?

Yes… Physiologically, mentally, emotionally, reproductively and in fact in many ways women, and women’s health issues are different. And so naturally the way a woman’s body reacts to life, thought, emotions, health, disease, treatment, etc. all vary greatly in relation to the sexes. (Learn more about the vast differences and more about Women’s Health Issues Here)

In fact just how different men and women’s health issues are and how it relates to wellness might surprise you.

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Disease, Medications, Treatment…

womens health servicesDid you know that the incidence of certain diseases (including autoimmune diseases and even cancer) varies greatly due to gender type, as does physiological response to treatments, medication, prevention, etc.

There are in fact so many different ways that women’s health differs that most are truly surprised when they learn of them. These differences go far and beyond the differences in reproductive health, rough anatomy, and function alone.

Your Medical Choices

And so when it comes to medical treatment, medical issues, concerns, care, and prevention, it is often comforting to know the vast differences in health, emotion, thought, treatment and physiology are being respected, taken into consideration, and reflected in the medical care you receive.

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A Deeper look into Women’s Health Differences


Women’s Health is very different

As we have seen there are significant biological differences between the sexes when it comes to heath, research, treatment, diagnosis, medication, rates of disease susceptibility etc. If you are a woman you need enlightened whole women’s health care. Nothing less will do.

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find a woman's health doctorIt’s a Primary Consideration

This should be a primary consideration for you and your physician, as a one size (or in this case sex) does not fit all. As we have seen women’s health issues go far beyond the once limiting definition given to them.

We are expanding into a more enlightened and educated perspective of women’s health and the unique issues, treatments, and considerations for care required to promote, heal, and maintain women’s health.

Taking Women’s Health Seriously

The Center for Healthy Living Moraga CA offers enlightened women’s health care services to our patients in Contra Costa County and nearby Alameda County. Call our office for an appointment today and be sure to check out all our medical services including women’s health for greater healthy living.

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